About us

We provide a range of offerings designed to help organisations make clear pay decisions and catalyse their reward strategy.

The recommendations we put forward are dynamic, nuanced, and based on deep analysis. We combine this with a considered assessment of the market and relate everything to our understanding of the organisation and the roles themselves.

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Our Data Suite

Our Methodology

Our Data

For any salary review, a wide range of data sources are absolutely vital. We’re confident that the information we can draw upon is second-to-none. For every market review, we use the following types of information:


We believe Payography is the biggest database of cross-sectoral, advertised pay rates of any reward consultancy in the UK.  Every week, our research team captures and analyses a comprehensive sample of 2,000 jobs from across the UK giving us up-to-the-minute national salary data.

Published survey data

As part of any market review, we always consult the most relevant and up-to-date published surveys.

Client data

We are in the privileged position of having access to a significant amount of relevant, anonymised, client salary data, which we can draw upon for our research.

Our Methodology

What else can we bring?

We look at a vast amount of data for each market salary review that we carry out.

We also apply a significant number of judgements to that information, upheld by our extensive experience in the field. This allows us to arrive at recommendations we feel are appropriate to our understanding of an organisation and the roles within it.

But, in our experience, the data is only as good as the analyst interpreting it.  This is where our specialist experience enables us to look at the following for you:

  • Types of roles: We dig below the surface to precisely identify profiles and duties.
  • Your labour markets: We understand the array out there and the challenges of each.
  • Localised data: We examine your geographical market to absorb any specific issues.
  • Contexts: We use expertise to analyse both internal setting and external market.
  • Open forum: We offer a full and detailed discussion about the results of any review.

There are always judgements and subtleties in the benchmarking process, which means that there is often real benefit in discussing draft results. Although our market ranges are solidly based on data, we do not view benchmarking as an exercise of simply running off a set of numbers against pre-determined parameters.

Ultimately a market salary review is not a mathematic or scientific process: that’s why we call it the art of reward.